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D. O. Communications, Inc. combines quality products with professional installation to meet your business needs.  As technology evolves, we strive to keep our customers one step ahead by offering expert installation, upgrades and retrofitting or network, CCTV, POS and access control systems by using the latest, most efficient materials available. 

D. O. Communications, Inc. provides professional, experienced crews able to work flexible hours to minimize your business’s downtime.  D. O. Communications, Inc. can custom design a system and installation schedule to best fit your needs.

D.O. Communications, Inc. offers complete install or upgrade of:




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                 Wireless Access Points                                          Wireless Signal Mapping                                                        Network Infrastructure                                            Closed Circuit TV                                                     Security Camera Systems                                                      Point of Sale Systems                                                             TV, Smart Board and Projector Installation                       Door and Gate Access Control Systems                            Fiber Optic, Cat5e or Cat6 installation                               Paging Systems                                                       Nurse Call Systems



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